Moving Forward in 2021

For me, the new year brings an upward momentum to continue writing and filmmaking. Coming off the success of Emersion, winner of Best Use of Genre and Best Special Effects (48-Hour Film Project New Orleans), I am encouraged to continue this journey of expression through art. Goal setting and “checking off” benchmarks is a successful strategy for me and I am pleased to have a plan in place for the next 12 months.

Writing comes easier this year. I am thankful for the time I have had in self-imposed “social distancing” because it forced me to reflect on all things important to me. When one has limited distractions, there is room for analyzing the past and coming to terms with reality. For a writer, the result is a gold mine of work. The best part is that a each day brings a little bit more freedom to turn it all inside out and create a reflection of the human spirit.

Cheers to 2021! Cheers to embracing your strengths and weaknesses, finding your creative support system, and shooting for the stars!

Photo by Rachel Searcey